Update—April 29, 2020

In light of the recent transitions in local, state, and federal policies regarding COVID-19, we are continuing to monitor and update all aspects of our operations to ensure the safety of our customers and employees. The following represents the current status of our operations:

Tunnel: As a contact-free and hands-free environment, the wash tunnel remains open.

Paystations: We are here to serve you, yet our employees are asked to abide by a 6’ distance policy even while assisting customers at the pay station.  To receive direct assistance with the paystation, you will need to explain your need to our employees and then roll up your window before they can approach the paystation directly to assist you.

Vacuums: Every other vacuum will be open to allow distance between other customers while vacuuming.  Please be respectful of other customers and abide by the recommended 6’ distancing from other customers or employees while you use the vacuums.

Mat Cleaner: The mat cleaner will be open for use by a single customer at a time.  If another customer is using the cleaner, we ask that you line up for the mat cleaner with 6’ spacing from other customers or wait by your vehicle.

Dog Wash: The self-serve dog wash at our Littleton location is open, but we ask that only one customer (or family unit) occupy the dog wash room at a time. Any customers in line are requested to wait in their vehicles or observe a 6′ distancing outside while waiting.

Office: Our office is available to assist customers, but we ask that only one customer be present in the office at a single time.

All surfaces of commonly-touched surfaces will be regularly sanitized by our employees.

We appreciate your understanding of these policies, and your continued patronage of Living Water Car Wash during these unprecedented times.