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Basic Wash
Wash the Dust Off
Super Wash
Wheel Clean


Ultimate Wash
A Deep Clean


  • Top & side brushes
  • Wheel cleaner
  • Extra turbo dryer

The Complete Fusion Process

  • Over 10x the chemical power of the Basic Wash
  • Ultra-low PH cleaners remove grime, unlock vehicle’s surface to receive extra conditioning
  • An advanced 3-step underbody wash with pre-soak, high pressure, & rust repellent
  • Newly-formulated polymer wax for long-lasting shine
  • Seal your vehicle with a patent-pending sealant to lock in the shine

Fusion Bath

Dissolve the most difficult dirt and grime with this specially-formulated low pH detergent.

Fusion Prime

Prime painted surfaces and prepare for adhesion of Fusion Sealant by removing road grime.

Fusion Rinse

Breaks down foam residue to completely expose painted surfaces to Fusion Sealant.

Fusion Seal

Our patent-pending formula chemically bonds to the surface of your paint to lock out dirt.

Fusion Wax

Enjoy the brightest shine with our exclusive polymer-based poly-synthetic wax.

Fusion Rain Repel

Repel water and improve all-weather glass visibility with this hydrophobic spray.

Pet Wash

$10.00 for 10 Minutes!


Pamper your four-legged friends with our self-serve pet wash station! Large tub features sprayers, warm water, animal-friendly soaps… and no cleanup for you!

Cost:  $10.00/10 minutes, $1.00 each additional minute (Accepts cash, coin, or card!)
Hours:  Open 24 hours, 7 days a week!
Locations:  Littleton (Wadsworth) & East Littleton (S. Broadway)